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Why RIP Hardik Pandya Trending on Social Media?

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The Mumbai Indians are getting a lot of criticism on social media. Fans are upset and using RIP Hardik Pandya Trending on X, which is the top trend in India right now. This is because of what happened during a press conference with Hardik Pandya and Mark Boucher before the IPL 2024.

People who support the Mumbai Indians are unhappy with the team’s management and owners. They’re upset because Rohit Sharma was removed as captain, even though he led the team to five titles. The team announced this news with just one tweet, and fans didn’t like how it was done.

Why RIP Hardik Pandya Trending on Social Media?

The Indian cricketer, Hardik Pandya, talked about the criticism he faced in a press conference. He acknowledged the fans’ feelings and understood their frustration because they love the team. He mentioned that he’s excited about being at the training camp and meeting everyone soon.

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When asked about returning to Mumbai Indians (MI), Pandya expressed his happiness, saying it feels great to be back where his journey began in 2015. He thanked the team for changing his life and mentioned how special it is to play at their home ground.

Why RIP Hardik Pandya Trending on X?
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Pandya, who left MI to join Gujarat Titans, was later brought back and made captain. This decision upset some fans, including players like Jasprit Bumrah and Suryakumar Yadav, who shared their disappointment on social media.

People Reaction RIP Hardik Pandya Trending on Social Media?

Lately, during a press event, Hardik Pandya and Mark Boucher didn’t talk about why Rohit Sharma got removed as captain. People got upset and said they weren’t ready and looked blank. Now, “RIP Hardik Pandya” is trending on social media.


In conclusion, the silence from Hardik Pandya and Mark Boucher regarding Rohit Sharma’s captaincy removal led to criticism from fans. Their unpreparedness and apparent lack of response sparked the “RIP Hardik Pandya” trend on social media. This incident highlights the importance of transparency and communication in professional settings, especially when addressing sensitive topics. Moving forward, it serves as a reminder for individuals in the public eye to be well-prepared and responsive to inquiries to maintain credibility and avoid backlash from their audience.


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