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Shreyas Iyer Likely To Miss Opening Matches For KKR In IPL 2024: Shreyas Iyer off the field in Ranji final due to Back Issue

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Shreyas Iyer is playing in the Ranji Trophy final against Vidarbha. He made a good score of 95 runs in the second innings. Where Iyer couldn’t play in Mumbai’s last Ranji Trophy league match because of back pain. But he still joined Kolkata Knight Riders’ pre-season training. He’s going to be the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL 2024.

After playing a tough series against England, people started talking about his discomfort, especially after playing for a long time. The doctors from the BCCI said he was okay, but the people who pick the players decided not to include him in the team for the next game. This made Iyer feel really bad.

Shreyas Iyer back injury?

Shreyas Iyer, who was at a training camp in Bengaluru with India’s team for the Asia Cup, shared that he felt worried about his back injury and didn’t expect to recover so quickly.

His back trouble started after the fourth Border-Gavaskar Test against Australia in March. At first, he hoped to manage it without surgery to play in the later part of IPL 2023. But the intense pain from a slipped disc made him reconsider, thinking about his long career ahead.

Shreyas Iyer Likely To Miss Opening Matches For KKR In IPL 2024: Shreyas Iyer off the field in Ranji final due to Back Issue
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In interview he said “I had this problem for some time. I tried injections and other treatments to keep playing,” Iyer explained. “But in the end, I had to agree that surgery was required. The physios and back specialists advised me to undergo the surgery.”

Shreyas Iyer Likely To Miss Opening IPL Matches?

Shreyas Iyer, a top cricket player from India, has been in the news a lot lately, both for things that happened on the cricket field and off it. He was left out of the Indian team after the second Test match against England in February, held in Visakhapatnam. The reason for his exclusion wasn’t given. Additionally, he was taken off the list of players who receive contracts from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Iyer had complained of back pain after the second Test, but the National Cricket Academy (NCA) said he was fit to play.

After losing his BCCI contract, Iyer followed the BCCI’s rules about players participating in the Ranji Trophy, which is a domestic cricket tournament. He joined the Mumbai team for this tournament. In the final match against Vidarbha this week, he was part of Mumbai’s playing team.

Shresta Iyer Comment On Shreyas Iyer Injury?

Shresta Iyer, who is Shreyas Iyer’s sister, surprised many people by commenting on her brother’s Instagram post. Shreyas Iyer, a cricketer who bats with his right hand, recently faced some tough times. He was removed from the Test team after the second Test in the recent series against England. This happened because he didn’t perform well in those two matches, scoring only 35, 13, 27, and 29 runs.

Shreyas Iyer Likely To Miss Opening Matches For KKR In IPL 2024: Shreyas Iyer off the field in Ranji final due to Back Issue
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Things got worse for him when the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) ended his central contract. This decision came after Shreyas Iyer didn’t follow the board’s instruction to play in the Ranji Trophy. Ishan Kishan also lost his contract for the same reason. The BCCI stated that neither of them was even considered for central contracts.

Some people think BCCI’s decision about Shreyas Iyer was too strict, including his sister. She commented on an Instagram post defending him and criticizing BCCI for the decision. The post mentioned how Shreyas Iyer missed last year’s IPL because of back surgery, so he could play for Team India in the World Cup.


In conclusion, Shreyas Iyer’s recent struggles in cricket and will captaining KKR Iin IPL 2024, including being dropped from the Test squad and losing his central contract with the BCCI, highlight the challenges and pressures faced by professional athletes. The decision by the cricket board underscores the importance of adhering to directives and meeting performance expectations. Moving forward, Iyer and other players may need to reassess their priorities and approaches to ensure they remain competitive and meet the standards set by governing bodies.


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