neha dlupia

The whole Neha Dhupia controversy regarding “ ..its her choice..” took a twisting turn when her MTV Roadies colleague, rapper-singer, Raftaar broke silence in a youtube interview.

In a recent interview to, Raftaar explained what happened that day.

  • “..whatever happened was not translated on TV..” he said.
  • Adding that the guy seemed proud in front of the judges of whatever he did to the girl and didn’t  seem sorry which triggered the judges- “the tone in which he was saying things made him look like he is rather proud of what he did than being sorry. This is what the judges sitting there felt. But is wasn’t the case on TV. It was not translated on TV.”
  • It might be a case that the guy was just being confident to deal with what he did- “ .. shayad vo confident hora tha.. that Mam I did a mistake and I know it is wrong to hit a women like this..”

Whatever happened with the guy was sad. According to Raftaar, he did not say anything to the guy in the audition and only in the end said that judges were angry not for what he did but for him being proud of what he did- “.. mene usko pure audition mein kuch nahi bola. We also respect other person’s personal life and we do not want to enter it. Ek relation mein apne saamne wale ko kitni freedom di hai, kitni respect di hai.. totally depends on you. But mene bs usko end mein jaakr bola ki judges are not angry for what you did man but for you being proud of what you did.”

None of the celebrities spoke so frankly about the controversy than Raftaar. Raftaar always understands the situation and then reacts to it. While #itsherchoice was trending on twitter.