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Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date In India: When Will Mirzapur Season 3 Release?

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Mirzapur, the Amazon Prime web series that became popular in 2018, is a big hit. It shows the tough side of power, revenge, and violence in the made-up city of Mirzapur. People liked how the story was told and the characters were written. Fans are excited for Mirzapur season 3 Release Date In India and When Will Mirzapur Season 3 Release?, Mirzapur Season 3 expected to come out in April 2024.

The show’s success comes from its complicated plot, with characters who aren’t always good or bad, and surprising twists. Now, fans can’t wait for season 3, coming in March 2024, with Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma, and Rasika Dugal. If you haven’t seen it yet, Mirzapur is definitely worth watching!

Mirzapur Season 3 Cast:

The last season of Mirzapur came out in October 2020, and it’s been four years since then. But now, the wait is almost over. Amazon has announced that Mirzapur season 3 will be released in 2024. We’ve gathered all the important details you need to know about your favorite show, so let’s dive in.

Mirzapur Season 3 Cast
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Mirzapur became popular because of its great story and amazing acting. The cast is really talented and they’ve shown the world what great acting is all about. So far, there haven’t been any announcements about changes in the cast or new additions. The actors from the previous seasons will be back, which means Pankaj Tripathi will be back as the King of Mirzapur, Akhandanand Tripathi/Kaleen Bhaiya.

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Ali Fazal will also return as the main character, Guddu Pandit, along with Shweta Tripathi, who plays his sister Golu. All the other characters who are still alive in the Mirzapur world will also be back. So, fans can expect the same charm from the previous seasons in Season 3. Along with the main cast, actors like Amit Sial, Anjum Sharma, Sheeba Chaddha, Rajesh Tailang, and Bhuvan Arora will also be reprising their roles. It’ll be exciting to see what this new season has in store for its fans.

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date In India?

Amazon Prime Video announced 70 new movies and TV shows on Tuesday. They showed a preview of what’s coming soon on their platform. One of the highlights was a sneak peek of Mirzapur Season 3. In the preview, we see a short clip from the upcoming season featuring Pankaj Tripathi as Kaleen bhaiya asking, “Did you forget us?” We also catch glimpses of Ali Fazal, Rasika Dugal, Vijay Varma, Shweta Tripathi, and Isha Talwar. Mirzapur first came out in 2018, followed by a second season in 2020. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the Mirzapur Season 3.

As of now, there’s no confirmed date for when Mirzapur Season 3 will come out. However, according to reports, it might be released sometime this year after almost 4 years of waiting. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Mirzapur 3, and it seems like the wait might finally be coming to an end. Mirzapur Season 3 expected to Release in April 2024.

Mirzapur Season 3 Trailer:

Mirzapur Season 3 is coming out in April 2024. The official Mirzapur Season 3 trailer will be out in late March. Although there’s no official date for the trailer yet, it’s likely to be announced soon. The exact release date of the show will also be revealed then.

mirzapur season 3 trailer official release date
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The trailer for Mirzapur Season 3 will be released in March 2024, along with a short 30-second video announcement. We can expect the teaser to come out in late March, just before the series drops in the first or second week of April 2024. All episodes will be available at once. The cast includes Pankaj Tripathi as Kaleen Bhaiya, along with new characters like Madhuri Bhabhi, played by Munna Bhaiya. Vijay Varma will also play a significant role. The series will be rated for adults.

When Will Mirzapur Season 3 Release?

The cast of the show Mirzapur, including Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vijay Varma, and Shweta Tripathi, came together for a amazon prime special event on March 19. Fans who are eagerly waiting for the next part of the exciting story set in Mirzapur got some exciting news at the event. During the event, actors Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Shweta Tripathi playfully “kidnapped” the host, Manoj Bajpayee, and convinced him to announce the release date of Mirzapur Season 3. Ali Fazal also recited his famous dialogue, “We started out of necessity, but now we’re enjoying it,” which added to the excitement about the announcement.

When Will Mirzapur Season 3 Release?
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Mirzapur 3 is set to bring another exciting story about power, betrayal, and revenge. With the team working hard to meet the high standards of the earlier seasons, fans can look forward to an intense and thrilling show when Mirzapur 3 comes out soon in April 2024.

Is Munna Bhaiya in Mirzapur 3?

Fans eagerly awaited the teaser for Mirzapur Season 3. But instead of the expected teaser, Amazon Prime Video released a mysterious poster on March 19, 2024. The poster showed a burning throne, suggesting a power struggle between Guddu and Golu. Viewers were left guessing about what would happen next.

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The cast reveal also surprised fans. While actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, and Rasika Duggal were confirmed to return, Divyendu Sharma, who played Munna Bhaiya, was notably absent. This upset many fans, with some saying they wouldn’t watch the new season without their favorite character.

Is Munna Bhaiya coming back in Mirzapur season 3? Some hints on Amazon Prime and theories suggest yes, but there’s no official confirmation. People speculate he might return in the season 3 finale.


In conclusion, Mirzapur 3 promises to captivate audiences with its intense portrayal of power dynamics and riveting narrative. Shot across various locations in Uttar Pradesh, including Lucknow and Jaunpur, the upcoming season is set to deliver another thrilling chapter in the saga of betrayal and retribution. With the cast and crew’s dedication to maintaining the high standards set by previous seasons, viewers can anticipate an electrifying viewing experience. Mirzapur 3 is poised to continue its legacy as a gripping series that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting its release.


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