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KKR New Jersey 2024: KKR New Jersey For IPL 2024 Released

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Kolkata Knight Riders have shown off their KKR New Jersey 2024 before IPL 2024 Or KKR New Jersey For IPL 2024 Released. They revealed the official jersey at a fan event called ‘Knights Unplugged’ at the ITC Sonar Bangla in Kolkata on March 17. This new jersey looks different from the old ones. It still has purple and gold colors but now with new designs on the shoulders and back. Dream11 is the main sponsor, and fans already love this jersey. Check out some pictures below.

KKR New Jersey For IPL 2024 Released:

The Kolkata Knight Riders are getting ready for the next Indian Premier League in 2024. They’ve made a change in leadership, with Gautam Gambhir, who’s loved by the people of Kolkata, coming back as a mentor to the team. Gambhir, a former player, is now helping guide the team to success. KKR always wears purple and gold jerseys, and this season is no different. They made big moves at the auction and are all set to play at Eden Gardens!

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KKR New Jersey 2024:

The Kolkata Knight Riders team leaders picked the familiar Purple and Gold colors for their jerseys for IPL 2024. Top players like Mitchell Starc and Rinku Singh wore the new jerseys called ‘Armour of the Knights’ at the unveiling event. The jerseys have a modern Chinese-collar design, making them more stylish.

KKR last won the IPL in 2014, which was their second time winning. Now, in 2024, they’re hoping to win again. Gautam Gambhir, who led KKR to victory before, is back as a mentor. Shreyas Iyer is the captain this time. Even though he’s had some fitness worries, he’s really important for KKR. He’s from Mumbai and recently won the Ranji Trophy. KKR didn’t do well last season, finishing seventh, so they’re aiming to do better this time.

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) got a lot of attention at the auction when they signed Australia’s fast bowler Mitchell Starc for a whopping INR 24.75 crore. This made him the priciest player in IPL history, surpassing Pat Cummins.


In 2024, Kolkata Knight Ridersย  KKR unveiled their new jersey, reflecting their team spirit and commitment. With vibrant colors and modern design, the KKR New Jersey 2024 embodies their energy and determination on the field. Fans are excited to see their favorite players donning this new attire, ready to conquer the cricketing world. As KKR steps onto the field in their fresh jerseys, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of millions, united in their support for the team.


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