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Download BGMI 3.1 Update On Android And iOS 2024

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Looking for the Download BGMi 3.1 update on android and IOS Or BGMI 3.1 Update release date ? Get it here! Easily download the latest update for Battleground Mobile India (BGMi) on our website. You’ll find everything you need to know about the BGMI 3.1 Update, like the BGMI 3.1 Update release date, size, patch notes, and more.

The BGMI 3.1 Update is a way to get the newest stuff for the game. This BGMI 3.1, already coming out, has lots of new things. There’s a cool new mode called Skyhigh Spectacle, a big update for the Miramar map, changes to the gameplay in World of Wonder, and more. Plus, it’s celebrating the game’s sixth birthday with special themed Things.

BGMI 3.1 Update Release Date:

The next BGMI 3.1 Update for android and IOS is coming out on March 25, 2024. It’s called the BGMI 3.1, and it will be available for both Android and iOS users. The update will be released between 5 AM to 7 AM IST. It’s all about an Arabian Nights theme, bringing a new mode where players can explore Arabian-style buildings on the familiar map. In this update, there will be some cool new features. One is an upgraded weapon called the P90, which you can find in Air Drops. It’s a powerful submachine gun with a built-in holographic sight, perfect for close-quarters combat. Download BGMI 3.1 Update from below.

BGMI 3.1 Update : ALL NEW FEATURES, Arabian Nights Mode Gameplay, Magic Carpet, Pubg Mobile Update - YouTube

Also, there’s a new Royale Pass called A6, which includes a new outfit for female players at the 100 RP level. And there’s a new location called Nimbus Island, full of loot for players to find and use in their battles. Another big addition is flying ships, which serve as aerial platforms with valuable loot and good spots for landing during battles. And finally, there’s the Night Mode on Erangel, where darkness adds a thrilling challenge with lots of tactical possibilities.

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BGMI 3.1 Update New Features:

The upcoming Download BGMI 3.1 update will bring some exciting changes. One big addition is the new and improved P90 weapon. You can find it in Air Drops. The P90 is a strong submachine gun with a built-in holographic sight, perfect for fighting up close. Also, in the BGMI 3.0 update, there will be a new A6 Royale Pass. This pass includes a new outfit for reaching 100 RP, and it’s designed for female characters. Another cool thing in the update is Nimbus Island. It’s a new location with lots of valuable items to find. But be ready to show off your skills because it’s going to be challenging.

3.1 Update BGMI/PUBG | New Features 3.1 Updat BGMI | A6 Royal Pass BGMI | BGMI 3.1 Update Leaks - YouTube

The update will also bring flying ships. These ships will have great loot and be perfect for intense battles. And there’s more! The BGMI 3.1 will finally bring Night Mode to Erangel. Now you’ll have to navigate through the darkness, adding an extra level of excitement to matches. Plus, there’s a new vehicle: a flying carpet! Two players can ride it together. Lastly, the BGMI 3.0 update will introduce magical grenades. Throw these at your enemies, and they’ll be trapped in a dome and start dancing. It’s a fun way to mess with your opponents.

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Download BGMI 3.1 Update On Android And IOS:

BGMI has launched the new BGMI 3.1 update version in a successful beta test. Download BGMI 3.1 Update On Android And iOS in very easy step also link for Download BGMI 3.1 Update given below. The game’s APK version is easy to get and offers different ways to install. It’s unique and includes a new theme and advanced weapons. The update introduces an Arabian Nights Theme Mode in Erangel, bringing a mystical vibe with Arabian-style buildings to the map. Here the download link for BGMI 3.1 Update In Andorid, IOS And PC.


In conclusion, BGMI’s latest 3.1 version has been well-received during its beta launch. Players can easily access the game’s APK version and have multiple installation options. With its unique features including a new theme and advanced weapons, the update brings excitement to the gaming community. The Arabian Nights Theme Mode in Erangel adds an enchanting twist to the familiar battleground, enhancing the overall gaming experience. BGMI continues to evolve and offer innovative updates, keeping players engaged and eager for more adventures. For those eager to dive into the action, Download BGMI 3.1 version now to embark on an adventure filled with new challenges and thrills.


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